The 7 Staples

1.  Lightweight, long-sleeved t-shirts in every color. You can never have enough of these. I prefer H&M's. They have a bit of compression to them, which make your arms look skinny and toned.

2.  Leggings. Even if you don't plan on baring any leg, leggings are for those "just in case moments" when you have a long skirt and you're going to pair it with boots on a windy day. You need to account for any breezes. That's where leggings come in.

3.  Long tank tops. See #1.

4.  Tall boots. Tall boots are like the ultimate finishing touch for that smidge-too-short pair of pants or skirt, and give you twice as many options for outfits. Get them in your preferred shoe color. Generally, you'll end up matching what you own more easily if you get a color you like.

5.  Cardigans.  Like everything on this list, cardigans are the ultimate go-to for a top or dress that is otherwise too revealing.

6.  Belts.  Long, skinny, wide, short - have at least one that fits into two of these categories, preferably in a color range to match your boots.  With the many tunics and long dresses that we'll layer over or under, it's nice to define your waist in a fashion-forward way without giving away too much shape.

7.  Skinny Jeans.  Lots of those too-cute, too-short dresses double as awesome tops.  A great pair of skinny jeans provides balance to a too-long top and can be tucked into those tall boots from #4.