September 16, 2015

Swooping In on Sale Items at Banana Republic

When I started Greater Lengths, the first few months...years...I was shopping A LOT. Then things changed.

First off, I actually like Taylor Swift now. You guys, her most recent album? I can't stop loving every song. Not to say that I think her music has any staying power - okay, maybe "Blank Space" just a little - but it's so hard not to bop your head along.

Second, remember my self-imposed hiatus on shopping and extra expenditures? It's caught up to me. My closet, while still well-stocked, is aging and needed a few replacement.

Enter my recent purchases at Banana Republic. I wanted to share them here, with you, because if you're even marginally interested, now is the time to buy. Banana is offering an extra 50% off on sale items - all of these which are in that category.

Click on the pictures below to be taken straight to the retailer.  Use code BRSALE for an extra 50% off sale items. You won't regret it.

First, this bronze hi/low skirt from the Banana Republic Heritage collection. Oh my swoops! I love the subtle grading of this skirt. I know the idea is "modest clothes" on this blog, but before anyone gets all high and mighty on me, I'm on the modesty spectrum that a little ankle is okay.
This is the photo that caught my eye, which made me want this skirt.

It doesn't have as rich of a color in real life, but ladies, for $35, I'm willing to overlook that. It comes a few other colors; the soft pink is actually more gorgeous in person. As a head's up, this skirt has side slits. I plan to sew mine up but don't be surprised if you get it! Finally, I plan to wear mine lower on my hips; if you wear it at your natural waist - it will be a true midi skirt. Wear it low = midi maxi skirt.

I'm also VERY excited about this next piece. I saw it another time I was in Banana (I guess this has been my go-to store lately? It must be, because it's the only place I've shopped in the last 6 months and I've only shopped once or twice in the last 6 months. I digress.)

I love long blazers. They're truly a versatile piece. For example, in this photo, this woman is wearing it over a jumpsuit - which reminds me, I need to pair this with MY jumpsuit - but I foresee myself wearing this 1) with any of my slim-fit ankle work pants for a professional look, 2) with my polka-dotted black maxi with the red belt for social events, 3) with any of my colorful button-down blouses to neutralize the color for date nights (that is, if I could get a date), and 4) over a casual t-shirt when I go chop off my hair this weekend (I need a memorable outfit for the occasion!). Oh, with a chambray top...just thought of that one.
I'm not gangly tall (think Taylor Swift) but I am 5'7", and even on me it comes below my butt by at least an inch. If you're looking for a VERY stylish blazer that is universally flattering, this is what you want RIGHT NOW (seriously, before it's no longer on sale and/or gone).

My last two purchases were to beef up the casual classy tops. Stripes are timeline (think Audrey Hepburn, as I often do). These are light and airy tops with a lot of length. They're great untucked with a pair of boyfriend jeans or tucked into a pair of wide-leg trouser jeans (or with that blazer I posted above). At $10 and less for the tops, they're too good NOT to own.

I went for the gray dolman and blue t-shirt, but I think each and any color will become a go-to in your modest fashion closet.

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