June 1, 2015

Out and About and Now Back

Over the last year or so, my posting frequency has been choppy at best. Lots of surges of inspiration peppered by long pauses and halts as I've pursued other interests in my life. It's always flattering when I get a message or a like, or my favorite, getting harangued by friends who followed my blog closely and were upset my posting had died down.

Lately, the little twitch inside of me to find and shop and post has returned and with it, some ideas for change. Those will come later, but for now I say - I'm looking for help and I'm willing to pay for services! Mainly, a graphic artist and web designer. Feel free to reach me at gotoGreaterLengths@gmail.com

In the meantime, you'll start to see some changes here and there, and with it, more inspired posts. My goal is to provide you insight and access into places to shop for all your modest clothing occasion. If I'm not fulfilling a need, drop me line via Facebook or email.