February 22, 2015

[FAVORITE FIND] 2015 Modest Oscar Fashion (and your own Oscar buys!)

I don't own a TV or have cable service - you guys, anything that matters is streamed these days! - except for nights like tonight, when the Oscars are on and you can't obsess over the red carpet gowns.

Then again, internet again saves the day. A blanket thank you to all the media services out there who have top notch coverage of the Oscars red carpet!

A quick scan through, I've found the gowns I love and ones I don't. Since haters gon' hate hate hate, I'll leave the hating to other blogs and shows. Instead, I've listed my favorites, in order of "love" to "backup to the backup"

If you're a frequent reader, you know I love my sequins. This being a blog about modest fashion, I'm also all about anything with sleeves and long hemlines. Fortunately, the Academy Awards are an elegant affair and you can get at least one of the two in a red carpet dress. Sleeves, length, and style? You hit bingo!

So here we go with Farrah's review:

Best overall: Emma Stone

Except for the slit, this has everything I could want in a modest gown. Sleeves and sparkles and color and a fabulous cut (again, except for the slit, though I get it - sex appeal) - where can I get one in my size?

Best sequins: Anna Faris

SEQUINS! Be still my heart! Everyone knows my love for sequins - it's well documented throughout this blog - and Anna Faris hit it right on the mark with a classic silver ballgown with sequins. This is something I could see Audrey Hepburn wearing, it's so classic. While as a modest dress, we'd need to find some way to cover the bare shoulders and arms, but otherwise, it's perfect.

Bold color: Ava DuVernay
Have you guys seems Selma? If not, do yourself a favor and go see it. With all that the US has dealt with in terms of civil issues the past year, the movie is a great reminder of 1) what a group of committed citizen is capable of doing to change for the better and 2) we still have work to do, but we need to do it in a smart, non-violent way. Ava DuVernay's dress follows what seems to be the trend of the 2015 Academy Awards - the column dress. It's cut almost in a straight line from the hips, giving the person a more statuesque appearance (too bad they can't do this for guys, Kevin Hart). I love the elbow-length bell sleeves and the beaded embroidery across her shoulders and neck. And of course, color!

Best optical illusion: Solange Knowles
I don't necessarily love Solange's "dress" but it did make me look twice. It's a wide-leg pantsuit with an asymmetrical draped "window" style (I'm not sure if that's the right term but I remember seeing Taylor Swift's 2015 Grammy dress called that) that is a super win for modest fashion.

The Academy must have lost my invitation, because I am ready with a dress. Or rather, I would have been. I'd have gone the Angelina Jolie route - being budget conscious but stylish. Asos is my go-to for items in both categories and thankfully, it also carries plenty of sequin-heavy clothing.

February 10, 2015

Slackin' for Clean Office Style

I'm trying to more creatively draft a one-pager communications sheet for the process initiative I'm helping make happen (essentially, airport immigration lines will get shorter, faster, and capture information better!)

What better way to be creative than do a little online shopping? Since I'm at work, I figured I should have a work-related shopping search. I've  been feeling gray suits lately, and like the idea of having a gray as my go-to neutral. These boyfriend style blazers easily transition to casual evening get ups for dinners with the girls - with a pair of dark trousers or straight leg jeans and a casual white button down.

What I love about boyfriend blazers is that you do not constantly feel the need to shift the blazer back in place after it rides up, as short blazers do. Boyfriend blazers provide a relaxed, easy style while still polishing the overall look. And bonus? They tend to fall below the waist, which provides better coverage for those seeking a modest work outfit.

February 9, 2015

Less Talk, More Posting

Maybe it's because my birthday is coming up, or maybe in a pre-emptive strike to be prepared for any weddings or bridal showers or glamourous baby showers, or maybe it's just that I've perused one too many post-award show galleries, but I've got gown fever.

I saw a few friends this weekend who also 1) requested that I post more and 2) asked if I had any evening gowns up my sleeve. And yes, yes, I do.


I particularly love the skirt: