July 18, 2014

Reader's Request: Styling the Sabine Maxi for Eid

My reader Samina S. wrote on the Greater Lengths Facebook page, looking to style her new Sabine Maxine skirt (see here) for Eid.

Samina wrote:

So what tops go with long pleated skirts? only short or can i go long or asymmetric? all the photos i see are tucked in tops w a belt... i have a navy blue pleated skirt and i want to make an outfit for eid that will be long sleeves and ideally open in the front or not tucked in (for nursing).

Glad you asked! I myself bought a Sabine pleated maxi skirt in navy. I'm personally a fan of the tucked in top/maxi skirt look. I like how tucking in a top accentuates the waist, giving anyone a slimmer waist. Of the many tops I browsed, this nod to the military style came as my favoite. The lace shoulder detail, in place of epaulettes, is an edgy update and a cheeky wink to stay that one can stay classic while coloring outside the lines.

For Samina's needs, while nursing, this can easily be unbuttoned for an impatient child in need of some quiet mommy-and-child time.
Some button down blouses for your unique style:

If you're ready for a look different than a tucked in blouse, a hi-low pullover blouse with a belt is an option to maintain a cinched waist. Simply find a pullover blouse (some of my favorites are below) and add a neutral colored belt.

Similarly, a peplum - which has a built in waist-line - creates a similar effect.

Understandably, this may not be the best route for a nursing mom on Eid, who needs something simple, free, and still elegant, Another route, inspired by Samina herself, is the emerging kimono trend. With a billowy cami underneath, this open-front open will be cool and free-flowing as well as easily accessible for a kid (at least I hope...I'm saying this from watching friends with experience!)


July 13, 2014

Reader Request: Eid Evening Gowns [part 2]

The first Eid Evening Gowns post was so popular that I decided to do another. Seems like you ladies love the idea of wearing evening gowns for Eid! Not that I'm surprised - who doesn't stare down the formal section of any department store and wish to have a reason to dress up in classy, elegant formal attire?

Here are a few more modest gowns (i.e., no strapless or low cut!) options currently available in stores and online. Click on the image to be taken directly to the retailer!

July 10, 2014

Reader Request: Modest Swimming Suits from Coolibar ( + Giveaway!)

A few months ago - specifically on April 7 of this year (I remember this because I was sitting at Cupid's Cup at the University of Maryland), my friend Sabba told me about Coolibar.

Coolibar, she excitedly told me, was a boutique swimming retailer that sells modest swimwear she'd stumbled upon. Modest swimwear is like the Lochness monster - you believe that it might exist but when you actively search for it, its nowhere to be found.

I guess the thing is, when I look for swimwear, I'm not looking for something to lounge around at the beach. I want something that I can swim laps in the pool or wear when I take another go at surfing.

Taking a surf lesson in Essaouira, Morocco earlier this year

Surfing might be my new favorite thing
Coolibar meets my needs as a swimmer/surfer (I can call myself that after one surf lesson, right?). It offers not only modest swimwear, they've received numerous recognitions from a myriad of skin disease associations for the protection offered by their products, including The Skin Cancer Foundation and Melanoma International Foundation. Plus, they rise above the basic blacks and navy blues that otherwise come with most modest swimwear. They've got great prints and cute, athletic designs.

I'm currently working on a promotion with Coolibar for my readers. Details will hopefully be coming soon. In the meantime, check out these great swimming tops currently available Coolibar. And if you order something, tell them that Greater Lengths sent you!

Click on the links below to be taken directly to the item.

July 8, 2014

[FAVORITE FIND] Wick-It Wader from Athleta

Last year, after much hand-wringing and deliberation, I purchased this Wick-It Wader top from Athleta. My hesitation came from the price tag - $69 for something to sweat in?! how is that okay? After months (seriously, MONTHS) of wanting it, I closed my eyes and clicked "submit" on the order sitting in front of me. And I have not regretted it since.

I've worn this top at CrossFit, during the Nike Half Marathon in DC, and workouts in-between. To say it's my favorite is an understatement - I look forward to wearing this top and think I work out harder, better, faster, and generally more excitedly because of it.

In all my 13.1 sweaty glory with the Tiffany finishers necklace
I HIGHLY recommend this workout top! As a Muslim woman, I feel more confident when I workout because the top is long - extending well past my waist and over my bottom. While I will wear tee shirts while working out, for my, having my arms covered (yes, even on hot days) still feels better than wearing something I'm worried if crosses over into the "less than modest" category.

Even if you're not worried as much about modest workout clothes, get this top! It's great for cooler workouts - early morning falls, in the winter - because it's quick drying (superior sweat wicking capabilities), lightweight, and comes in fun colors. Plus, what woman doesn't want a little extra ass...et coverage when she's working out?

DKNY's Ramadan Capsule Collection Shopping Guide

So the Ramadan Capsule Collection from DKNY is here and you ladies are thinking, "I want it!"

Well pony up, because the items are cute, chic, MODEST, and come with a hefty price tag. But one can look, right?

I've linked a few of the items here for your look-but-don't-touch pleasure. And on behalf of the modest dressing community of the US, thank you DKNY for FINALLY recognizing Ramadan is a major cause-worthy event, the first in your industry to do so!

Click on the links under the pictures to be taken directly to the item. 


Extended hem tunic (similar) || Midi shirt dress

July 2, 2014

An Anthro Sale and All I Want Is This Top

Anthropologie is having a 20% extra on sale items, which is kind of a big deal because their sale prices aren't always "sale-y" enough.

I only have my eyes on one top (it would have been two but the second sold out while I was in a meeting at work!). This is it. What do you think? Is it a must have item?

[Workout Wednesday] Ramadan Running

Working out during Ramadan is hard - it's so easy to just go to bed after iftar or laze around until you do fall asleep. However, with my third marathon 18 weeks away (eek - that seems much too soon!), I can't take it too easy.

I haven't yet found myself treading pavement outside yet, but the plan is to utilize Friday and Saturday evenings to do just that. What generally spurs my motivation is new workout clothes. With the heat, it's hard to find something comfortable yet modest to wear for working out, though these contenders may be making themselves into my closet.

Most of these are tunic-length workout tops, with a few modest workout pants (and sorry Kate W., no running tunics this time). I like the wraps and tops, because they give flexible to add this light layer over a top that may be a smidge too short in the waist without adding too much heat-trapping clothing.

FAVORITE FIND: Ark & Co Tie Neck Maxi Dress

Here's another Favorite Find I couldn't wait to post.

This Ark & Co Tie Neck maxi dress features a fully lined, banded waist skirt. With a cut that elongates the shoulders, the dress can be worn with a flowing sleeves under it (see example here) or a traditional long cardigan. I recommend pairing it with bright colors for some extra pizazz (almost any color would work - I'm imagining something aqua - then again, I really want to go to the beach...).

For only $79 with free shipping and 7% back when you shop through Ebates (use my link referral here to help me get credit!), this dress will become your Favorite Find as well.

FAVORITE FIND: Ted Baker Kriya Sparkle Jersey

In the Reader Request: Eid Evening Gowns post from earlier, I added this gown as an extra in one of the widgets. It was an afterthought of a dress, a fairly plain looking jersey gown with a bit of sparkle.

And then I kept looking at it.

And looking at it.

And it's now one of my Favorite Finds.

Check it:
For $111, you get this long-sleeved, full-length maxi dress. The fitted silhouette will glimmer with silver sheen as you move through a crowd, swishing and swaying, catching light at all angles. The bateau neckline is a flattering cut on any figure, elongating your neck and making your shoulders more graceful. Add a long drop necklace or a trendy necklace bib to add some flair; belt it for a more defined waist; top it with a sleeveless peplum top of any print to transform it into a new dress.

For women who don't like to layer, this is your dress. For women who want a full coverage dress with little fuss, this is your dress. For women who want a little sparkle and uniqueness in one's wardrobe, this is your dress.

Is it growing on you yet?

Reader Request: Eid Evening Gowns

A few years back, a friend invited me to an iftar night out - essentially, grabbing iftar at a halal-friendly eatery (in this case, the wonderfully satisfying Burger 7 where I had not one but TWO burgers to break my fast).  Conversation got around to what and where we're finding Eid clothes.  I generally look for Pakistani clothes, which either my mom or me will find at the 11th hour, but I embrace anyone who wears American clothes to celebrate - because being American is part of our identity, in addition to any ethnic or other cultural practices we have.

Back to clothes...Yasmin is looking for a sleeved evening gown, and was willing to put down up to $150 for a nice gown for Eid.  She wears hijab and prefered not to have to jerry rig any gown to be modest, but will do it if needed.  Additionally, she stated she's looking for more "muted" colors, but you guys know me - I live for sequins and embellishments.

A long-sleeved gown in the summer months can be tough, but I put together a few to get Eid clothes shopping kicked off. It's no DKNY Ramadan Capsule Collection, but these might be slightly more Eidee-friendly. Click on the images below to be taken to the retailer!

**Disclaimer: Sizes and stock are limited AND some of these may need to be more modestified than others for Eid.**
1) Laundry by Shelli Segal: $53.99 // 2) House of Fraser Jersey Maxi: $54 // 3) Laundry by Shelli Segal Lace Floral Gown $108 

1) BCBGMaxazria Long-Sleeve Meredith Gown: $134 // 2) Twelfth Streeth by Cynthia Vincent: $274 // 3) Eliza J Portrait Collar 3/4 Sleeves: $194

And a few others that wouldn't fit into the layouts. Click on the images to be taken to the retailer!