May 28, 2014

It's Alive! Frankensteining My Graduation Dress (part 2)

A day or two before graduation, the comment still on my mind, I remembered a neutral-colored pleated chiffon maxi skirt from Urban Outfitters that I owned. I layered long and sleeveless tops all the time - why not a skirt with too short a hem? I liked the idea of the play on texture - the pleats peaking out from under the angular hemline. While I meant to test the look earlier in the week, I didn't actually try it until the day of graduation - and thankfully, the neutrals weren't too off the mark of each other to work.

The real trick came in ensuring the shoes would be fully visible. Worn at my waist, the maxi would have covered my shoes and lengthened the hemline - giving the dress more of a gown look. I wanted the skirt to fall right around the longest part of the hemline of the dress.

So I did what any normal person would do - I pinned the skirt to my bra.

I'd planned to go a little bold and wear the dress as is - loose and flowy a la the Olsen twins in their early style years - but as my brother commented, I looked like I was wearing a tent. A belt was in order and I found the PERFECT accent in a gold metal belt from Asos.

I'm VERY happy with the way it turned out. I felt like a hippie goddess with all the flowing sleeves and regal collars.

May 27, 2014

It's Alive! Frankensteining My Graduation Dress (part 1)

It happened! It finally happened! I graduated and walked across the stage and can officially say I hold a Masters in Business Administration from a top 25 business school!  I have been in school the entire existence of this blog and even before, a student working on her degree part-time while working full-time as a consultant.

The countdown to graduation began a few months ago, as did the anticipation for my outfit. I decided not to buy a new dress for graduation. I haven't had my eyes on anything lately - at least not in the dress category - and I also own enough clothes that I could re-wear something in a fresher way.

This is what I started with:

Which I've worn like this before (wide leather belt, tall leather riding boots, and an aqua long-sleeved shirt)
Hanging with one of my favorite bands, Parachute
But for graduation, I needed something unique. I knew I wanted to wear my new Jessica Simpson heels in Miss Piggy (a soft baby pink) and decided to take a chance on the pink/neutral/orange combo. This dress is a midi and part of it falls around my knees - definitely too much skin if worn on its own.

I settled on wearing stockings with piggy pink tights from Target with a blouse picked up from H&M.

A few weeks before graduation, I showed my mom the outfit, to which she commented that my legs were still "bare". You see, I grew up with the belief that a Muslim women is covered when you don't see her form, not simply when her skin is covered. Acting as a typical child, even at 31, I brushed off my mom's concern when she expressed it, but the comment lingered with me...I didn't feel like I'd really modest-ified the dress enough.

But what to do? I wanted to wear the dress as a dress for an elegant affair - not layered with pants, and clearly tights or anything similar were out of the question.

The solution came in the form of safety pins and my undergarments.

**See part 2 of of my graduation outfit post tomorrow! Here's a teaser in the meantime!**

May 26, 2014

READER REQUEST: Pleated Maxi Skirts

My apologies to my reader, Ayesha, who asked me a few weeks ago about pleated maxi skirts and dress.
Just wanted to ask, have you seen pleated maxi skirts or dresses anywhere? I really want one and see pics online but havn't seen them in stores?
Because spring was still alluding us until, what, two hours ago, I wasn't in the mood to think of light airy skirts and warm-weather dresses. That's changed and pleated maxi skirts are everywhere! I especially encourage you to check out the skirts on sale at Piperlime today - as sale items are an extra 25% off!

May 9, 2014

Making Good on an Athleta Promise

A few weeks ago, a very helpful reader, Rukhsana notified me of a 20% off sale at Athleta on all sale items.

I told myself, and her, that I'd try to post by the end of the day. Athleta has some great modest workout clothes - they're great quality - but often run a bit higher in price, so a sale is something we all win with.  Unfortunately, I slacked and missed posting on the great deal and felt like I let Rukhsana down.

Thankfully, redemption is mine!  Athleta is having another 20% off all sale items sale (use code EXTRA20) and they've got plenty of good stuff to go around.

Take a peak at some of the more modest items from their workout selection.
(Click on the item below to check out size and availability)