July 2, 2014

[Workout Wednesday] Ramadan Running

Working out during Ramadan is hard - it's so easy to just go to bed after iftar or laze around until you do fall asleep. However, with my third marathon 18 weeks away (eek - that seems much too soon!), I can't take it too easy.

I haven't yet found myself treading pavement outside yet, but the plan is to utilize Friday and Saturday evenings to do just that. What generally spurs my motivation is new workout clothes. With the heat, it's hard to find something comfortable yet modest to wear for working out, though these contenders may be making themselves into my closet.

Most of these are tunic-length workout tops, with a few modest workout pants (and sorry Kate W., no running tunics this time). I like the wraps and tops, because they give flexible to add this light layer over a top that may be a smidge too short in the waist without adding too much heat-trapping clothing.