July 18, 2014

Reader's Request: Styling the Sabine Maxi for Eid

My reader Samina S. wrote on the Greater Lengths Facebook page, looking to style her new Sabine Maxine skirt (see here) for Eid.

Samina wrote:

So what tops go with long pleated skirts? only short or can i go long or asymmetric? all the photos i see are tucked in tops w a belt... i have a navy blue pleated skirt and i want to make an outfit for eid that will be long sleeves and ideally open in the front or not tucked in (for nursing).

Glad you asked! I myself bought a Sabine pleated maxi skirt in navy. I'm personally a fan of the tucked in top/maxi skirt look. I like how tucking in a top accentuates the waist, giving anyone a slimmer waist. Of the many tops I browsed, this nod to the military style came as my favoite. The lace shoulder detail, in place of epaulettes, is an edgy update and a cheeky wink to stay that one can stay classic while coloring outside the lines.

For Samina's needs, while nursing, this can easily be unbuttoned for an impatient child in need of some quiet mommy-and-child time.
Some button down blouses for your unique style:

If you're ready for a look different than a tucked in blouse, a hi-low pullover blouse with a belt is an option to maintain a cinched waist. Simply find a pullover blouse (some of my favorites are below) and add a neutral colored belt.

Similarly, a peplum - which has a built in waist-line - creates a similar effect.

Understandably, this may not be the best route for a nursing mom on Eid, who needs something simple, free, and still elegant, Another route, inspired by Samina herself, is the emerging kimono trend. With a billowy cami underneath, this open-front open will be cool and free-flowing as well as easily accessible for a kid (at least I hope...I'm saying this from watching friends with experience!)