July 10, 2014

Reader Request: Modest Swimming Suits from Coolibar ( + Giveaway!)

A few months ago - specifically on April 7 of this year (I remember this because I was sitting at Cupid's Cup at the University of Maryland), my friend Sabba told me about Coolibar.

Coolibar, she excitedly told me, was a boutique swimming retailer that sells modest swimwear she'd stumbled upon. Modest swimwear is like the Lochness monster - you believe that it might exist but when you actively search for it, its nowhere to be found.

I guess the thing is, when I look for swimwear, I'm not looking for something to lounge around at the beach. I want something that I can swim laps in the pool or wear when I take another go at surfing.

Taking a surf lesson in Essaouira, Morocco earlier this year

Surfing might be my new favorite thing
Coolibar meets my needs as a swimmer/surfer (I can call myself that after one surf lesson, right?). It offers not only modest swimwear, they've received numerous recognitions from a myriad of skin disease associations for the protection offered by their products, including The Skin Cancer Foundation and Melanoma International Foundation. Plus, they rise above the basic blacks and navy blues that otherwise come with most modest swimwear. They've got great prints and cute, athletic designs.

I'm currently working on a promotion with Coolibar for my readers. Details will hopefully be coming soon. In the meantime, check out these great swimming tops currently available Coolibar. And if you order something, tell them that Greater Lengths sent you!

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