July 2, 2014

Reader Request: Eid Evening Gowns

A few years back, a friend invited me to an iftar night out - essentially, grabbing iftar at a halal-friendly eatery (in this case, the wonderfully satisfying Burger 7 where I had not one but TWO burgers to break my fast).  Conversation got around to what and where we're finding Eid clothes.  I generally look for Pakistani clothes, which either my mom or me will find at the 11th hour, but I embrace anyone who wears American clothes to celebrate - because being American is part of our identity, in addition to any ethnic or other cultural practices we have.

Back to clothes...Yasmin is looking for a sleeved evening gown, and was willing to put down up to $150 for a nice gown for Eid.  She wears hijab and prefered not to have to jerry rig any gown to be modest, but will do it if needed.  Additionally, she stated she's looking for more "muted" colors, but you guys know me - I live for sequins and embellishments.

A long-sleeved gown in the summer months can be tough, but I put together a few to get Eid clothes shopping kicked off. It's no DKNY Ramadan Capsule Collection, but these might be slightly more Eidee-friendly. Click on the images below to be taken to the retailer!

**Disclaimer: Sizes and stock are limited AND some of these may need to be more modestified than others for Eid.**
1) Laundry by Shelli Segal: $53.99 // 2) House of Fraser Jersey Maxi: $54 // 3) Laundry by Shelli Segal Lace Floral Gown $108 

1) BCBGMaxazria Long-Sleeve Meredith Gown: $134 // 2) Twelfth Streeth by Cynthia Vincent: $274 // 3) Eliza J Portrait Collar 3/4 Sleeves: $194

And a few others that wouldn't fit into the layouts. Click on the images to be taken to the retailer!