July 8, 2014

[FAVORITE FIND] Wick-It Wader from Athleta

Last year, after much hand-wringing and deliberation, I purchased this Wick-It Wader top from Athleta. My hesitation came from the price tag - $69 for something to sweat in?! how is that okay? After months (seriously, MONTHS) of wanting it, I closed my eyes and clicked "submit" on the order sitting in front of me. And I have not regretted it since.

I've worn this top at CrossFit, during the Nike Half Marathon in DC, and workouts in-between. To say it's my favorite is an understatement - I look forward to wearing this top and think I work out harder, better, faster, and generally more excitedly because of it.

In all my 13.1 sweaty glory with the Tiffany finishers necklace
I HIGHLY recommend this workout top! As a Muslim woman, I feel more confident when I workout because the top is long - extending well past my waist and over my bottom. While I will wear tee shirts while working out, for my, having my arms covered (yes, even on hot days) still feels better than wearing something I'm worried if crosses over into the "less than modest" category.

Even if you're not worried as much about modest workout clothes, get this top! It's great for cooler workouts - early morning falls, in the winter - because it's quick drying (superior sweat wicking capabilities), lightweight, and comes in fun colors. Plus, what woman doesn't want a little extra ass...et coverage when she's working out?