April 16, 2014

[Workout Wednesday] Covering my tail with an extra #WorkoutWednesday post!

Because I've been slacking lately on the Workout Wednesday posts, I decided to give you all a two-for-today deal.  See the earlier post here, which focused more on long workout tops. It's almost like I'm covering my own tail.

Spring is elusive but here at last, and which that comes fewer and fewer long pant options for outdoor workouts. Check out the modest workout pants shown here for your spring and summer workouts. Almost all of these are made of performance material, offering sweat-wicking and quick-dry capabilities. These pants are great for those summer walks, gym workouts, and chasing the kids (your own or your nieces and nephews.)

Click on the items below to go straight to the retailers site. Remember, color and size options vary and typically sell out quick!