April 23, 2014

[Workout Wednesday] Clothes That Run

Back in November, I signed up for a half-marathon for this coming weekend, thinking, "April? That's PLENTY of time to train!" Unfortunately, I'm a wimp when it comes to the cold, so I was indoors a lot more than I would have liked to be during the training period.

I've done a few half-marathons before but not really since May 2012. At least this time around, I find myself more confident about the clothing I plan to wear. Distance running clothing is a strategy. You want to be warm when you start, which means donning extra layers. By the time you hit mile 2, your body temperature has risen from the exercise and you find yourself shedding those layers. This is why you often see distance runners in tiny, thin layers - their body is pumping so much blood, they're keeping from overheating.

Finding modest running clothes has been one of the biggest challenges of the sport. Most workout clothes are fitted, curve skimming, which on some level I understand the necessity of design. Too much fabric and you're reserving unnecessary heat. However, with performance materials, modest exercise clothes are possible and available more easily! Exercise fabrics are now created to vent heat, pull away moisture and sweat; it's why I champion wearing performance clothing over cotton any day.

For this weekend's half-marathon, I'll plan to wear my pair of Adidas Adifit pants (seen here) with my Athleta Wick-It Coverup (seen here) and a long Nike sports bra tank. Sunday's weather is predicted to be in the high 60s, so those two layers should be plenty. The Wick-It Cover up is tunic-length, and has rounded hems that are split down the side. This allows my legs to push the top out of the way and prevents it from from getting caught by friction in my...front.

If you're in need of your own outdoor modest exercise clothes (tops and pants!), see a few of the options I pulled together. Click on the item to be taken to the retailer!

Modest workout tops and tunics (don't forget to click on the side arrows to see more finds!)

Modest workout pants (don't forget to click on the side arrows to see more finds!)