April 20, 2014

FAVORITE FIND: Pants with Bow Detail by Asos

In my previous post, I posted these bow pants, which are SUPER cute. Let's review:
  • Pleated front (which for a while I thought was a terrible look but I've come back around)
  • Bow detail
  • Muted spring palette
  • Ankle length
These pants are great for the spring and summer - lightweight, but with structure. Think of all your spring events coming up - baby showers, bridal showers, frolics in the park! These are the pants for you. They're a departure from the skirted leg-norm that spring and summer seems to mandate on us modest-dressing women, and a welcome one at that.

The loose front also provides a little more modesty for those who don't need to share with the worth EXACTLY how long your inseam is, which goes the same for the rear.

These pants are also a great way to incorporate the cropped top look, kind of like the model (but with less midriff). Or, tuck in your favorite roll-tabbed split-neck blouse.

Either way, these pants are the modest fashion on-trend piece for the spring.