March 25, 2014

[Workout Wednesday] Wick-It Coverup from Athleta

Athleta, Gap's high end workout response to Lululemon, has been picking up steam in the retail market and with good reason. I find their clothing to be more diversely styled and with more applications.

My favorite find from them is their Wick-It wader coverups, last seen here. They've redesigned it a bit and - lucky us! - it's on sale for $29.99. These long-sleeved, long tops fall past the waist, providing coverage over your bottom. They are not quite tunic length, but still a modest option for the gym. The material is meant to pull sweat away from your body, providing a comfortable exercise experience.

As with most things I post, these are few in inventory and sizes, so get yours now!

**P.S. I know it's not quite Wednesday but I've missed the last two weeks so consider this a catch-up!

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