March 10, 2014

The Add-to-All Essential Modest Style Layer

Find me a cooler wardrobe piece than a denim jacket. They are effortlessly cool, extra emphasis on effortless, with the added bonus of edging up any outfit. If there's ever an addition one should make to their wardrobe, especially one that works with everything, it should be a denim jacket.

Because they work with everything, a denim jacket is this spring's go-to item for the perfect modest fashion wardrobe. Top a tunic with a denim for casual chic, like this wide-leg linen look from Anthropologie. Or pull a Jessica Alba and add a denim jacket over a maxi dress for a casual day out with the kids.

Unfortunately, denim jackets seem to be my white whale. Ideally, I'd like to find the one that Naima's mom gave me after I fell off the see-saw. THAT would be my perfect jacket, though 23 years of body change may make the jacket fit a little differently.

I've scouted these jackets below as a potential THE ONE. The current denim jacket trend is cropped, a great look to create a defined waist-line for all the floaty, long tunics that sometimes look like oversized bags. The cropped jacket also adds some interest to jersey maxis.

Check out the options below and find your perfect denim jacket!