March 31, 2014

REMIX: The Arthur Fonzarelli Style of Modest Style

The epitome of cool has always been to be able to wear an outfit baggy and pull it off with sass, style, and class. Sure, a neatly tailored skirt and a tucked in blouse looks pretty, but it's too...proper. And says things about me which are untrue, like I answer my emails immediately or that my car is never running under the "E" symbol on the gas gauge.

I like to have a little Arthur Fonzarelli in my modest stylecase; I skew to the Prince Harry side of the royal rebel spectrum, at least in my wardrobe.

Find the balance in the cool versus unkempt battle of the baggy look requires the right fit of the slouch. The key in this is is that you find loose fitted clothes, NOT oversized. I repeat, NOT oversized.  I'm going to repeat myself: DO NOT BUY OVERSIZED CLOTHES. It will make the difference between looking like you meant to dress like the mean streets of modest style, rather than throwing on things from the bottom of the hamper.

The tomboy look above is a great start to the slouchy, cool look. Pull together a pair of boyfriend chinos with a tunic button down and loose-fit tunic cardigan.  Everyone has something like this in their wardrobe that they can cobble together. Pair with lace-up oxfords and a statement necklace.

Looking to add on a few pieces? Check out our under $50 finds below: