March 30, 2014

Reader Request: Jumpsuits

A few years ago, Naima posted on the jumpsuit trend, cleverly titled We've Got A Jumper!. At the time, I was a bit hesitant; aren't jumpsuits the classier cousin to the overalls? (which, by the way, I rocked heavily and in frequent rotation from 7th - 9th grade)

You saw my personal intro to jumpsuits in South Africa, but these modest fashion street style photos are also making me take a second look.

I kind of wish I had jumped (ha! get it?) on board with her recommendation earlier. Given that my most recently reader request was also for jumpsuits, I'm giving way to a statement piece that should be in every modest dresser's closet.

The jumpsuit is the modest girl's answer to the work dress.  It's a one-piece attire that you simply need to add a blouse or jacket to, and voila!, you're dressed! Granted they cause a hassle going to the restroom (you feel like you have to undress!) but that's a small price to pay.

When choosing a jumpsuit, especially if you're seeking it as a modest alternative, find one that is has a loose, billowy fit. You don't want the pants to bunch up or feel tight in rise (aka, to be indelicate, the crotch).

These are my favorite finds (linked below!):

Farrah's favorites:

Here are a few different jumpsuits to suit to your needs, grouped in darks, colors, and prints. Click on your favorites!

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