March 24, 2014

In love with my boyfriend...jeans

Throughout this blog, I've documented how I tend to be a jeans snob. My younger brother worked at Nordstrom for a few years and urged me to trade in my Express and American Eagle denim for luxury denim, namely 7 For All Mankind. For many many years, those have been all I've worn, with a New York and Co. pair of jeans sneaking in for yard work wear.

Recently, I wanted a pair of boyfriend jeans and wasn't in a position to fork over up to a hundred (I like my luxury denim on sale) for a pair. Since I work full-time, jeans don't rotate through my daily wear as often as I'd like. After browsing over and over, I settled on trying Gap's 1969 Sexy Boyfriend Jeans.

I've never been so happy with a purchase. I wear them ALL. THE. TIME. Boyfriend jeans, since they are meant to hang off the hips and sit loose through the thighs and calves, are universally flattering. They don't hug and define many curves, creating an opportunity to mix in shorter, cropped-waist tops - because who wants to wear tunics all the time?

The Gap jeans I purchased are on sale for only $28. I'm considering buying another pair. If you're considering boyfriend jeans at all, I highly recommend them for their fit, their quality, and their versatility.

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