March 24, 2014

Cutting Loose...Footloose

It's the endless winter. I'm sitting in my house, waiting for yet another round of a snowfall. It's March 24, guys, and the official start of spring was 4 days ago. Perhaps it's for this reason that I haven't yet been inspired to shop or plump up my closet, and thus uninspired to post. I love finding you guys things - especially when I hear from you about it! - but we're all tired of winter wear.

It's why I was happily piqued with excitement for an outfit from The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon. Did you guys see the entrance/tribute to Footlose that Jimmy and Kevin Bacon did last week?

What about this is inspiring? Look again.

Whoever dressed her deserves some made props, because that floral on blush outfit definitely garners a spotlight. Midi skirts are back for the spring, with a little extra midi to the skirt, and entering the business world. I like the idea of a midi skirt with booties (and likely tights) as stylish, modest work attire. The one pair of booties I own are a bit higher on the ankle and tend to be too tall for the few cropped pants I wear them with, so a midi skirt of this length would be a perfect pairing.

Want to dress like the dancer on The Tonight Show?  Here are a few under $50 options below:

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