February 26, 2014

[Workout Wednesday] Cold Weather Wear

The winter weather in DC and the rest of the east coast seems like there’s little hope for abatement. We were teased with a few days of temps above 50 and then this “little chance of snow” has turn into a half-storm.

When I work out, I prefer to be outdoors. There’s something about being physical under open skies that appeals to me much much more than any promise fitness machinery will ever make. To entertain a winter workout outdoors, bundling and layering is important.

To entertain a winter workout outdoors as a modest dressing Muslim woman (but really, anyone who prefers modest clothing), tunic lengths and loose fits are vital. I encourage all women out there to wear performance fitness clothing. A former victim of the t-shirt/sweatshirt workout combo, once I transitioned into sweat-wicking material, my exercise experience – as well as my health because you don’t want to retain sweat against your body in cold temps! – improved drastically.

Check out these pairings for modest fitness clothing inspiration. Click on the links below each photo to be taken directly to the retailer.

Like what you see?  Click on a link below to be taken directly to the retailer.

Multi-Color Tunics
1. Nike 'Epic' Long Training Shirt
2. Adidas Tiro Speedkick Pants

1. New Balance Heather Tunic
2. New Balance Anue Mantra Yoga Pants
3. New Balance All Over Heather Pant

Nike Epic-ness
1. Nike 'Epic' Dri-Fit Wool Crew
2. Nike 'Epic' Training Pants
3. Nike 'Epic' Dri-Fit Wool Crew
4. Nike 'Revival' Dri-Fit Woven Pants

Pink Gear
1. Champion Loose Fit Yoga Top
2. New Balance Boyfriend Stripe Tank
3. Under Armour 'Icon' Pant (also available here for less)

Mulberry Galore
1. Nike Dri-Fit Wool Hoodie
2. Reebok Dance Woven Cargo Pants
3. Moving Comfort All Over Vibe Shirt

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