February 16, 2014

[Style Series Africa Edition] Farrah's Fashion and Modest Style in Africa

Before launching into my Africa Style series, I should recap why I was in South Africa and Morocco.

You may have picked up throughout the progression of this blog that I've been in an MBA program part-time at the University of Maryland's Robert H. Smith School of Business while working full-time as a consultant in the DC metro area.

Last March, Andrea emailed me with the subject header, "3 Reasons Why You Should Go to a Study Abroad in South Africa". I think I was convinced before opening the email.  South Africa! For school! Of course!

We tacked on Morocco because as Andrea wrote, "it's on the way!" (It's not but who am I to question?)

Overall, our trip - including travel time - lasted from December 30 until January 18; that's 20 glorious days of frolicking around the continent of Africa.  Those 20 days also included me, dressing to the nines (well, maybe the fives...I was on vacation!) in my comfortable modest style.

You'll start to see that most of the pieces I'm wearing have been posted on this modest style and fashion shopping blog. There are a lot of great examples of stylish modest dressing women out there, but sometimes, their clothing selections are unattainable - whether for the price or the lack of occasion.   On my blog, you'll see that the pieces I post are not only attainable (about 80% being under $50) but can be worn daily, for work, or for play.

Let me know what you see and what you like!
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