February 25, 2014

[Style Series Africa Edition] Majorelle Jardin in Marrakech, Morocco

Towards the end of three weeks of constant movement through Africa, Andrea (my friend with whom I traveled) and I were in the mood to lounge. An overwhelming number of people (thanks Halima!) had emphatically suggested we get away from the commotion of Marrakech by spending a peaceful afternoon at Majorelle Jardin.

Majorelle Jardin is the beautiful botanical oasis in the middle of the desert.  Designed and owned originally by French artist Jacque Majorelle, who owned this artists' escape in 1920s and 1930s, it was later purchased by Yves Saint Laurent, the French fashion designer, in 1980.  Now it remains as a visitors paradise, and a treat for a fashion-centric person like me.

Channeling my needs into my outfit, I combined a warm (it was a bit nippy), soft jersey (jersey may have been a theme this trip) striped Hive and Honey skirt (featured here).  The sweeping skirt felt as breezy and lazy and unencumbered as I wanted to be that day. Because the colors of the skirt were neutral and muted sand and black, I chose to wear a similarly neutral, sequin shirt with a 3/4 length stretchy cotton top (the t-shirt had short, sheer sleeves) (featured here).

If I wasn't as hungry as I was at that point, I could have spent another hour just sitting at Majorelle Gardens. A lover of colors, I could not stop snapping pictures of the rich, bright, fresh colors that created the theme - lemon yellows, sunset oranges, watery blues.  Fun fact: the blue that was populated throughout the site is a specific color called Majorelle Blue.

Love the chevron skirt or the sequin t-shirt?

H&M sequin top, $9.95

While the original pieces I wore are sold out, find similar skirts and tops below:

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Halima Ahmad said...

that 5th picture is absolutely beautiful!! glad you enjoyed the gardens, such a peaceful getaway :)