February 6, 2014

[REMIX] Keep It Close to the Chest with a Vest

In these, the doldrums of winter, my entire existence yearns for something new. At this point, all the fun of the season has come and gone, as have the new trends and fashion excitement. Designers and trendmakers are turning their eyes to the spring (and really, the season after next), giving the current season no further mind. In the real world, however, we’re struggling to not grow bored of our wardrobe and find a new way to wear something we’re tired of wearing.

As most modest dressing women do, I have quite a few tunic-length button down tops. As the shirtdress phenomena picked up, so did I incorporate a bunch of them into my wardrobe. But now what? It’s boring to wear only the shirtdress over dress pants (what has become my standard work attire) and call it a day. I want something more!

Enter the vest. A quick and easy remix for a modest dressing woman’s wardrobe, a simple vest can make the difference between new and renewed. What’s especially great about the right vest is that it can be worn over a variety of tops - button-down top (a staple in a modest fashion stylista’s closet), a sweater tunic, and even a long-sleeved dress.

Looking for an inexpensive way to refresh the remains of your winter wardrobe? Try these vests on for size.

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