February 4, 2014

[Modest Fitness Clothes] Powerhouse Tops

Our sweet reader Alison sent me a request while I was travelling in Africa that read:
Hi Farrah! Any suggestions for places that sell modest workout clothes? Thank you and enjoy your travels!
Fitness clothing requests - my favorite! What better way to kick off a new year than with new workout clothes to motivate your through all those 2014 fitness goals? My goals this year involve running a half marathon in May (or is it April? I should really figure that out) and doing my third official marathon in November. Additionally, I’m hoping to get back into my old CrossFit form (hit my 4 year anniversary with CrossFit earlier this week) and take advantage of a womens-only swimming availability at a local pool (send me an email at gotogreaterlengths@gmail.com if you’re in the Northern VA, DC, or Maryland area and would like to get the weekly eVites for more info).

What are your fitness goals for the year? Whatever they are, reach them faster with the right fitness clothes! There is a positive power when you look the part of someone who works out regularly. There is also a positive power when you don’t have to wear sweat-drenched, chafing materials that do not provide the modest coverage needed to make you want to work hard. I’ve assembled a few of the more current and affordable options for modest fitness clothes.

Many of these are from Athleta (from which I am wearing the long top in the video above) but click around and see what you like. Remember, if an item seems “too short”, I’ve likely posted it as something to layer with another longer top or long-sleeved item. Which fitness goals will you accomplish in these modest workout tops?


Ralphie said...

I purchased the Athleta top on sale after seeing it on your post! Love it!! I wore it to the gym for the first time yesterday and loved the length as well as the light fabric. It's long and loose but not shapeless. I went back to the site and purchased another color at full price (no mediums available in any of the other sale colors) because I love it so much!

Farrah Khan said...

Thanks Ralphie! I'm glad you found something to make your gym-going experience more comfortable and confident! Send me pictures! gotogreaterlengths@gmail.com or post on Facebook - facebook.com/gotoGreaterLengths