February 16, 2014

[Modest Fitness Clothes] Grab Box of Modest Workout Clothes

A woman here has set up swimming for Muslim women on Saturdays and Sundays, which has been great the weekends I can make it.

Some weekends, I'm raring to go - bikini on (it's all women, so I'm a little less inhibited) and doing lap after lap in the pool.  Other weekends, like today, I can barely muster the desire to even look in the direction of the swimming pool and end up skipping out.  It's weekends like this one where I yearn for the hint of spring and a clear sidewalk, where I can go running for miles and miles on end. For me, stepping out of my house and onto the sidewalk for a quick jog is the ultimate way to make use of idle time.

Since half the battle of a Muslim woman's workout is workout clothing, I've pulled together all my favorites currently pinned.

A few notes:

  • Long tank tops can be coupled with short long-sleeve tees for a workout. The long tank provides body coverage below the waist while the long-sleeve tees give you customizable arm coverage

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