February 24, 2014

FAVORITE FINDS: DC Fashion Week Haute & Modesty Fashion Show

Friday evening, I had the pleasure and honor to attend second DC Fashion Week's Haute & Modesty Fashion Show, sponsored by Areej Fashions. I attended the inaugural fashion show back in the fall and was happy to be there again on Friday. This was the second time DC Fashion Week held a Haute & Modesty Fashion Show, a fashion showcase dedicated singularly to modest styling.  It has since been picked up by Philadelphia Fashion Week as well.

While I love the concept of the show, much remains for content. There were plenty of eye-catching designs and unique flairs, which stood starkly in the face of those who believe modest fashion is akin to Amish style. For a girl who loves colors, there were plenty of them to go around, with texture to boot. However, very few of the outfits felt wearable for the every day. Don't get me wrong - I like my fair share of dresses and maxi skirts, but as a working American Muslim woman, I need something that I can wear to the average American women's occasion - a business meeting (or heck, an office job), a concert, an amusement part - and most of these clothes, save a few, could I not see in a normal American setting.

That aside, one showcase stood out - that of my friend Hakeemah Cummings, of LoveCMB. Her first stylecase, if you will, consisted of fashions from a number of designers that have been featured here on Greater Lengths. Her styling was spot on - high fashion for the American woman.

My most favorite outfit was the one she actually wore! This emerald green dress from Artizara was one I saw at ISNA 2013 and almost featured as a Favorite Find. The color was so lively and the floral hijab from Veilure Couture was a nod to the spring event. The front pleats reminded me of Kate Middleton and her penchant for Jenny Packham pleated gowns.
Artizara Dress // Veilure Couture 'Eden' Scarvf

The stylecase included another well-known name in modest style - Zeena - and a look which may have been one of the few for the occasions I mentioned above. Drapey palazzo pants with a short-waisted cardigan in contrasting colors made for an color-pop on the runway.

Zeena Embellished Tie Cardigan
Another frequent visitor to Greater Lengths is Nylii, the first non-designer modest clothes e-shop in the US. Nylii is different from other usual modest fashion shops in that it sources clothes from other name brands into on place online. The peplum top used in this outfit is by way of Nylii and I could totally see myself wearing it as is.

Lace Peplum Top at Nylii
Last, but certainly not least - and by far my favorite styling - was this ensemble with a pair of simple black wide leg pants, fur vest, and a hi-low top from new shop HijaBEUnique. I've been jonesin' for a fur vest for a while, and loved the neutral on bright color effect of this outfit.
Pirate Top by HijabeUnique

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