February 7, 2014

FAVORITE FIND: Moroccan Open Front Cardigans from Nylii

When I told people that I was going to Morocco, everyone's wide-eyed and exclamation-mark riddled emails went on and on about all the great shopping I'd experience.

Sadly, I was a witness from afar.  While our Moroccan activities were many, they left little in the way of available time for shopping.

So Nylii's newest cardigans do take me back to the glorious doors and extravagant colors of Marrakech, a city that grows bigger at every turn.  These cardigans, or capes as I've called them in my head, are a glorious $28, so it's hard to get only one.  And when you order, tell Nylii that Greater Lengths sent you!

Nylii Cape

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