January 28, 2014

Taking a walk on the wild side

While I don't get to go on trips regularly, it seems like I regularly break from Greater Lengths, doesn't it?  Well so much has happened in the last few weeks and it's about time for an update.

First, welcome Rayan Ali Baig! Naima, who was a big contributor to Greater Lengths in its early years, until she had to step back for bigger and better things (like this perfect little person!), had a safe and healthy delivery of my nephew.  I'm counting down the days until we meet!

Second, I went to Africa!  Yes, THE Africa!  Not just one part of it either - I was in South Africa, both in Cape Town and Johannesburg, and then hit up Marrakech, Morroco for a few days.

Finally, I spent the week I returned to write my final paper, do my final presentation, and attend my final class of my 54-credit MBA program.  In other words, I am done with my MBA (it's somewhat anti-climactic as I won't be walking until May in the graduation ceremony.)

But these things, and a few others, have been keeping me away from one of my truest interest - fashion!  I plan to be posting more in the months to come, along with great giveaways, new Modest Marvels, and (fingers crossed!) a new blog design!

Stay tuned for future posts and more pictures!