October 27, 2013

[Under $50] Sarah Burton Style sans Alexander McQueen Sticker Shock

Sarah Burton, of Kate Middleton wedding dress notoriety, is hard at work on her 2014 styles, but her pre-fall 2013 looks are filtering through the fashion channels.  Her latest looks pull forward elements of British church history, with particular attention to voluminous sleeves.  While some may recall the unforgettable Seinfeld puffy shirt episode, to me, the airy volume adds balance to the straight/skinny leg pants in style.

I don't even want to try to price what these Alexander McQueen pieces will run you - you can imagine there are a ton of commas and zeros for each a swatch of these tops, but Nyala Khan, of online boutique Nylii, has a much more palatable substitute.

For those of you unfamiliar with Nylii, it's a newly launched online boutique, akin to Lulus or Ruche, established specifically to clothe the average American woman who seeks modest style.  Nylii provided Noor Tagouri, our Modest Marvel, with her infamous Cleo Cape that she wore to a speaking engagement at John Jay College in New York.  Proprietor Nyla Khan sources American clothing for the everyday look.

For example, love that Alexander McQueen top?

Nylii's $40 Mrs. McQueen blouse will give you the Sarah Burton style without the Alexander McQueen sticker shock.

Like what you see?  When you make a purchase, mention Greater Lengths to let Nylii know how you found her!

October 24, 2013

FAVORITE FIND: Olive & Oak Knit Maxi Skirt

I spotted this maxi skirt during Piperlime's ongoing extra 40% off sale (with code FIX) and cannot hold back anymore - this has got to be a Favorite Find.

I love that it's unique - I love anything that's one of a kind (OOAK, as they say on Etsy), but I also love that it's a cool crossover between plain and edgy, demure and rocker, lounge and fancy.

It's retailing at Bloomingdales for $68.  You can get it at Piperlime for $24.97 + 40% off through tomorrow (10/25).

Tea Time with Naima!

Naima and I are reuniting this weekend (Alhumdullilah, she and I get to reunite every few months, but she's one of those friends that, despite living three to four states apart for almost our entire lives, a few months even feels like too long) and the occasion is pretty monumental: Naima's baby shower!

Safia, Naima's sister-in-law, who has perhaps one of the most artful hands I've ever seen (you should see this woman dress up a dessert!), has themed it as a tea party, partially as a nod to Naima's love for chai and partially as a way to allow us all to dress up :)  We'll be wearing hats and bows and lace and peplums pretty much all those things that let us pretend that we're Kate Middleton for the day.

I'm almost sure what I'll be wearing (an old midi skirt from Anthropologie, a new hat also from Anthropologie, and a silky top in fuschia from ModCloth [similar to these here and here]).  While it's all women, I'll still pair the skirt with tall bools and knee socks for extra leg covering.

Feeling a bit like dressing up in British themes yourself?  Here are a few items I pulled together - heavy on the peplums!

As an added bonus, if you're also looking for modesty pregnancy style, scroll down a bit farther for some style finds

Peplums, with a maxi skirt, topped with a blazer, screams the ultimate "modest tea party" attire.  You can trade out the blazer for a cardigan too!

Each of these dresses can be modest-fied with a cardigan, leggings, or over slim pants.

Flared skirts:

Looking for some pregnancy tea time styles?  Again, Kate Middleton had a polished look (she's got a look for everything...she is a princess).

Belts and waistlines are the keys to a proper tea time pregnancy outfit.  Work these items in with your favorite slacks/cardigans/leggings for that almost-Kate-like look!

October 23, 2013

Our Modest Style Picks for Extra 40% Off All Final Sale at Piperlime

A quick post I'm sneaking up during a break at work.  Did you guys hear about the 40% off final sale items at Piperlime?

October 22, 2013

Favorite Finds: Super Steals at Banana Republic

REVEAL40 - that's the magic code for some extra sale steals at Banana Republic.  The deal ends 10/22 so be sure to pick up your Banana Republic favorite finds soon!

More finds here - remember to use code REVEAL40 to get the special 40% off!

October 14, 2013

[Under $50] Easy Does It at Target

Some days you just want to throw on a top and a comfy pair of jeans and call it a day - no fuss, no muss.

These tops from Target will get you there.  They can all be layered and some are great for modest workout clothes.

[Under $50] Blazers and tops at Target

When it comes to shopping at Target, the one time is never enough.  There's always something there that you need, even if you don't need it.  I tend to stroll the aisles again and again, making mental notebooks (there are that many notes in it) about what looks good and what to come back for when my budget allows me (because believe you me, I am a champion of the personal budget).

I've been taking all these notes and am sensing big sales at Target soon.  These items have been out long enough that they'll be marked down across the nation.  So, if you see something you like - and your budget allows it - it might be that perfect addition to your closet for modest style.

More Target style posts coming soon!

October 13, 2013

Cobalt Into My Life

It's no denying it - cobalt blue has been the staple color of the season for a few seasons now.  It took me a while to jump on board with this.  Cobalt looked like the lighter, runnier version of an ink pen that had long gone past its writing usage.

My mind has changed with the seasons and I suddenly have an urge to incorporate into every outfit I could possibly muster from my closet.  The undeniable blue boldly goes where no color has gone before - combining with the likes of lime green, solid blacks, and even after-Labor-Day whites (the new winter color combo?).

Which of these would you work into your wardrobe?

Cobalt tops

Cobalt Blazers and Sweaters

Cobalt bottoms

October 10, 2013

FAVORITE FIND: Tinley Road Chevron Print Dress from Piperlime

As I wrote on Facebook, I'm on cloud nine after getting an email from a reader.  Mav emailed me to tell me how much she LOVES (it was in all caps!) the blog.

I love hearing from you guys and knowing that this blog is making your modest shopping mission easier, but that you aren't breaking the bank and loving what you're wearing.  I don't do this for (much) money (really it's just enough to keep it going! Clicks on links = money towards the block!) - it's more to keep people from feeling the frustration I did during my black bridesmaid dress search.

Anyway, here's a post for tonight before I go bake some goodies for my older brother's birthday (yes, I know it's 11:22 pm at night, but apparently sleep is not for me tonight - plus, I'm too hyped from the email!)  It's a beautiful chevron print dress, part of the Tinley Road brand at Piperlime.  This long-sleeved dress can be worn as a top with a great pair of jeans or trousers, or even with leggings and tall boots.

At only $32, it's a wonderful addition to your closet.  With a long boyfriend sweater, it's transitions easily from early to late fall!

October 7, 2013

Modest Marvel: Halima Ahmad

I've been corresponding with Halima Ahmed, our latest Modest Marvel, for almost the entire year.  I found her through the magic of Twitter around the start of this year, but between the two of us, we never managed to seal the deal on having her as a Modest Marvel.

However, neither of us gave up on each other, and so here she is - Halima Ahmed, our latest Modest Marvel!

Name: Halima Ahmad

Background: Halima is a 22-year old student from Atlanta, GA, in her final semester of undergrad.  Her graduation in December will bestow her with a bachelors in marketing and minor in Arabic.  She has a strong penchant for travelling and is looking to make that a part of her professional life after college.  "I’m obsessed with travelling and hope my future job allows me to do a lot of it!" she writes.

What we love about her style: Colors and texture are the quickest ways to my heart and Halima has plenty to spare.  She knows how to do it all - mix and match prints and textures with a range of tones, and always adds her best accessory to each look - her smile!

Halima at Coronado Island in San Diego, California
Your Favorite pieces: "Anyone who has ever met me knows I can’t live without my cheetah print scarves! I have at least three,"she writes.  She works these scarves with a variety of items in shades of maroon, baby pink, navy blue, olive, and tan - colors that work year round when mixed with other "seasonal colors."

About your style: With a varied routine, Halima's day to day style "depends on my mood or what I have going on that day!"  As a business student, she amps her look with business casual look wearing plenty of blazers.  "Other days, you’ll see me in anything from maxi skirts with heeled ankle boots, to striped sweaters with oxfords, to oversized shirts with some Converse or Vans."

What are you looking to achieve in an outfit?: As with many Muslim women, I want to show that you can have fun with fashion while still being modest. Wearing hijab makes you a walking exemplar of Islam, and I think it’s important to remember that in your wardrobe choices.

What makes an outfit?:  "Confidence is key!", says Halima, citing that confidence is the first thing that people will notice about a person.  More tangibly, she says her scarf is what pulls her outfit together, but then cheekily adds, "a rad lipstick never hurt anybody."

Ben Youssef Madrasa, Marrakesh, Morocco

Your no-limit gift card would be for: "It’s a tie between TJ Maxx and Bloomingdales!" [Editor's note: Isn't it always?!]

October 6, 2013

[Under $50] Desirables at Target

Ever wander through Target and think, "I need something new but what?"

Here's are my answers to that question.

Snag Her Style: Jessica Alba Modesty

Upcoming award season?  Fall or winter wedding?  Big birthday party?  Graduating?  This call for a special look and what better stylist than Jessica Alba, who at the recent ALMA Awards flaunted her eye for style without actually flaunting any part of herself.

While it would be nice to own the actual items that Jessica is wearing here, unfortunately they add up to more than a semester of tuition for me.

So instead, try these one for size in much friendlier prices.

Modest Wedding Dresses!

I don't like to fail, but I know that it's an inevitability in life at least once for everyone.  If you're lucky and well-minded, you'll see it as an opportunity to succeed better and brighter next time.

One of my failures so far was not fulfilling a reader's request for a modest wedding dress.  I looked and looked but it just wasn't meant to be for me.  She, thankfully, did find a dress and had a beautiful wedding day.  I wish so badly I could have helped in that day.

However, I vow to do better next time and am excited to find Stasia Bridal, a modest bridal couture dress maker.  Stasia lets you build your own wedding dress to your long-sleeve needing, back-covered wanting, no-curves desiring bridal desires.  This is a great outlet for a modest bride, who wants to look great without flaunting all she's got to all her guests.

Next time readers - your request is my post!

Stasia Bridal - Modest gowns for the modest bride!

October 5, 2013

Reader Request: Styling the Anthropologie Minted Terra Skirt

The Anthropologie Minted Terra Skirt saga continues!

I, happily, received a price adjustment from Anthropologie a few weeks ago and continued to champion the beauty and steal of a deal of this skirt.  I even wore it to my friend's surprise gender reveal baby shower (btw, it's a boy!).

Apologies to the lovely ladies
I cropped out!
I think everyone should own this drapey, airy, light-as-a-cloud skirt - which is why when reader Amber emailed me, I jumped to it.

"Hi! I love your blog! I also just [bought] the minted terra maxi skirt from anthro...But I am so lost on how to style it with hijab! Can you do maybe an outfit post? I need help! Lol I told myself if I couldn't figure it out this week I would return it :( xx Amber"


I recommend matching it with a pink, yoke neck or split-neck blouse, slightly tucked in (see right).  The one I'm wearing is from Ann Taylor Outlet, and purchased just a few weeks ago on end of summer clearance (for only $17!).  For how silky soft and light this skirt is, I chose an equally loose fitting top to maintain that romantic, easy look.

Here area  few similarly styled tops I found from around the web.  They're mostly under $50, except for the Ann Taylor silk top, which is a heinous $79. (I wouldn't be surprised if it goes on sale soon enough!)

You can also mix up stripes by pairing it with a striped pink top.

Why pink? It's hard to tell in the skirt, but the piping is salmon rose colored, which can be played up through a soft pink blouse.  Not into pink (I totally get it and was with you for SO many years!), play up the mint green or light chocolate brown.  Even cream, the way that Anthropologie originally styled it, is a great look.  Just remember to stick with the airy quality of the skirt and you can't go wrong!

October 2, 2013

[Under $50] A Quick Target Look

I was recently at Target after a long absence (is it possible to be stocked enough?  because if so, I accomplished that) and was FINALLY able to see the 3.1 Phillip Lim for Target collaboration.

While there's much to say about the 3.1 Phillip Lim line (more on that in a later post!), I did pull together this look quickly.  Is black and white the new trend that's coming back?  Seems like it.  I like this look for a business professional look for the modest working woman.

What do you think of the look?