November 5, 2013

[Sweet Modesty] Reader Request: Long and Maxi Cardigans

Not too long ago [oh shoot, my email says 8 days ago], I received a request from a reader at Sweet Modesty.

As you may have heard, Sweet Modesty + Greater Lengths have joined forces to provide you an exclusive service for making modest shopping inquiries.  Among our first requests, this reader is, not surprisingly, looking for long cardigans.

Hawa writes:
Hey, I've been looking for long/maxi cardigans, I can't seem to find petite sizes nor a reasonable price. I hope you can help me!
Hawa, of course we can!  Thankfully, the timing is right for us as we're hitting the first batch of seasonal sales at retail stores all over.  These long sweaters, also called boyfriend sweaters, for their long lines and easy fits, pop up but rarely does there seem to be more than one of these types of sweaters in the store.

I've gathered a few of them here - divided between neutrals (tans, black, whites, creams), colored (a rainbow of them!), and finally - dusters.  Dusters are the comfy, more stylish alternative to a great sweatshirt.  They're not as hefty as sweater coats, but usually longer than boyfriend cardigans.

What do you think?  Which one of you is making you reconsider your November clothing budget right now?

Neutral-toned long cardigans and boyfriend sweaters:

Colored long cardigans and boyfriend sweaters:



Halima Ahmad said...

love it!!

radhika kumari said...

Hi......i love these outfits ,these are really awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!