November 10, 2013

Reader Request: Styling Geo Printed Harem Pants from Forever 21

Our reader Sarah sent in a styling request:
So I was at the mall during lunchtime yesterday and I haphazardly bought a couple of things, haha. I bought a pair of harem pants and I can't figure out what type of shirt to wear with it. I was thinking just a plain t-shirt, but I was wondering if you had any other ideas!

I love the premise of this Reader Request because it's TOTALLY something I would do (if there were ANY places to shop near me.

Harem pants are an ongoing creative challenge for me and in general, the feedback I read is that the challenge is styling them without making them look like fancy jogging pants.

I pulled some inspiration from these ladies below for Sarah's request. With a simple white t shirt and a boyfriend blazer - or any blazer that has a relaxed fit and a slightly longer hemline - harem pants can be dressed up.

Here's a few different black and white blazer and blazer-like jackets to wear with these pants.  However, the beauty of black and white pants is that ANY color will go with them - so if you own a bright coral, citrine, sapphire, etc blazer, then try that out!

A few black and white blazers I found:

I've also seen relaxed fit button down tops slightly tucked in the front but out in the back as a style trend.  These tops hover between $20-$45.  My favorite is the colorblocked one on top.

Looking for white and black tops and tees?  Here are a few of our finds.  My favorite is that colorblocked on in the upper right hand corner.

Of course, what Greater Lengths post wouldn't be complete without a nod to peplums?  Am I on a mission to make peplums take over the world?  Maybe, but look at how cute you'll look in the process!

A peplum roundup:

A few black and white peplum tops for your budget:

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