November 18, 2013

Battle of the Boyfriends

Like most denim trends, it takes me a while to come around. I was very much into bootcut jeans when the skinny denim trend started, and almost reached the point of repulsion with colored denim. Enter Pinterest, which showed me all the possibilities of how skinny regular and skinny colored jeans could be worn. I experienced a similar shift in tide with boyfriend jeans recently. Loose, baggy, look-like-they-were-picked-up-off-the-floor jeans?

My inner monologue went something like this: “Ew, no thanks...except that Rachel Bilson looks super cute wearing them with her on-trend booties, and oh look, so does Kate Bosworth, and of course, Katie Holmes.”  And mind changed.

What’s great about boyfriend jeans – or really, anything “boyfriend” in style – is that it’s meant to be a relaxed fit item that makes it socially okay not to show off every curve of my body. The slouchiness is a slap in the face of body-skimming items that force me to find layers and long hemlines to make me feel comfortable in my dress.My search lead me to two pairs at GAP, which is currently running a 35% off everything sale (and remember, if you shop through Ebates, another 6% back!) – the 1969 destructed sexy boyfriend jeans and 1969 sexy boyfriend jeans.

Hands down, the 1969 sexy boyfriend jeans were my winner. The denim was softer, more worn in, and the medium wash was the perfect faded classic denim blue color. Because I’m 5’6 ½”, I ordered the long version of the jeans in my usual size 4. My concern was that the jeans, if ordered in the regular length, would roll up too high. For what I wanted, the long length rolled up perfectly – not too high above the ankle, but high enough to achieve that easy slung look.

Not to say the 1969 destructed sexy boyfriend jeans were terrible. I ordered these in a regular 4 and at my height, they were a snitch too high above the ankle. Anyone who is under 5’6” should not have any problems with how they roll up. Note that they come pre-rolled, so unrolling them doesn’t give you too much additional length. The destructed features were in the right spots, and with a few washings, I’m confident they would soften up (generally denim in a darker color are stiff from the dye – but washing them takes care of that). I didn’t like these as much because they were a bit too tight around my thighs. I’m fairly conscious of my thigh circumference as it is, and these felt more like bootcut jeans with a some slouch rather than true boyfriends.

So tell me, which one do you like more?

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Anonymous said...

Agree with the sexy boyfriend jeans (hubby LOVES making fun of that). Relaxed and it seems the "crotch" part is a little longer so it's looser around the bum too. I bought the destructed in the tea-stain wash and it's quite tight. Waiting on losing my winter weight (heading into summer down here in South Africa) before I take those out