November 29, 2013

Black Friday 2013: Bar III Jumpsuit, Cap-Sleeve Harem-Draped

Last night, my younger brother, my mom, and I partook in the shameful Thanksgiving tradition that is Black Friday (yes, shameful - because as much as I love a good deal, Thanksgiving is a holiday meant for being appreciative and spending time with people who you love and love you...but this is my soap box for another day).

We went to Macy's, as it's my mom's jam, where only my younger brother proceeded to find clothes (it's never good to shop on an empty needs list - you either end up with too much, or nothing, like me and my mom).

The line was painfully long and I still had to work in the morning, so after about 30 minutes in a stagnant line, I pulled out my phone and placed my brother's order via the interwebs.  To qualify for free shipping, I purchased the jumpsuit below, which I've been eyeing for a while (sadly, they didn't have it in store).

I'm trying to get on board with the harem trend, but like Sana of ModHijabi mentions here in her post on harem pants, it's really hard to find the right ones for your personal style and body.  But I think this combo jumpsuit/harem pant item will do.  I like the loose flow and the full body coverage.  Assuming the size I purchased will fit, it will drape nicely around my body, giving shape but without revealing too much shape - the perfect modest fashion piece.

The suit is marked down 30% for Black Friday.  What do you think?  Are you on board with this as a midnight purchase?

Another jumpsuit I really like is this one from Nylii, which is having a 50% off sitewide sale for today (11/29/13) only!  Nylii is a new online boutique, specializing in modest clothing from American designers.

November 18, 2013

Battle of the Boyfriends

Like most denim trends, it takes me a while to come around. I was very much into bootcut jeans when the skinny denim trend started, and almost reached the point of repulsion with colored denim. Enter Pinterest, which showed me all the possibilities of how skinny regular and skinny colored jeans could be worn. I experienced a similar shift in tide with boyfriend jeans recently. Loose, baggy, look-like-they-were-picked-up-off-the-floor jeans?

My inner monologue went something like this: “Ew, no thanks...except that Rachel Bilson looks super cute wearing them with her on-trend booties, and oh look, so does Kate Bosworth, and of course, Katie Holmes.”  And mind changed.

What’s great about boyfriend jeans – or really, anything “boyfriend” in style – is that it’s meant to be a relaxed fit item that makes it socially okay not to show off every curve of my body. The slouchiness is a slap in the face of body-skimming items that force me to find layers and long hemlines to make me feel comfortable in my dress.My search lead me to two pairs at GAP, which is currently running a 35% off everything sale (and remember, if you shop through Ebates, another 6% back!) – the 1969 destructed sexy boyfriend jeans and 1969 sexy boyfriend jeans.

Hands down, the 1969 sexy boyfriend jeans were my winner. The denim was softer, more worn in, and the medium wash was the perfect faded classic denim blue color. Because I’m 5’6 ½”, I ordered the long version of the jeans in my usual size 4. My concern was that the jeans, if ordered in the regular length, would roll up too high. For what I wanted, the long length rolled up perfectly – not too high above the ankle, but high enough to achieve that easy slung look.

Not to say the 1969 destructed sexy boyfriend jeans were terrible. I ordered these in a regular 4 and at my height, they were a snitch too high above the ankle. Anyone who is under 5’6” should not have any problems with how they roll up. Note that they come pre-rolled, so unrolling them doesn’t give you too much additional length. The destructed features were in the right spots, and with a few washings, I’m confident they would soften up (generally denim in a darker color are stiff from the dye – but washing them takes care of that). I didn’t like these as much because they were a bit too tight around my thighs. I’m fairly conscious of my thigh circumference as it is, and these felt more like bootcut jeans with a some slouch rather than true boyfriends.

So tell me, which one do you like more?

November 16, 2013

Odds and Ends at Nylii

I'll still on a Nylii kick, if you haven't noticed.  Nylii is an online boutique, carrying American designs, specifically for modest-dressing women.

Nylii burst onto the scene after outfitting Noor Tagouri with an ultra-chic and supremely modest top, the Cleo Cape, at a recent appearance at John Jay College in New York.  While the top sold out almost immediately, Nylii continues to stock up on modest and stylish apparel to satisfy even the discerning of modest fashion palettes!

Check out our finds below, as well as here and here.

Metropolitan Muse Cape

Recently, a photo of Noor Tagouri was released after an appearance in New York.  Her outfit is a monochromatic white with black pants - but the drapey, flowy top is unmistakably unique and therefore I envied it.

The top was provided by Nylii and has since sold out BUT it's sister top, the Metropolitan Muse Cape has landed.

It extends far past one's waist for modest coverage and high style.  By brand Aryn K, this top is sure to sell out as fast!
Brilliant Brocade Pants

I'm going the way of the trendy with an eye for printed pants, and lately, anything paisley or brocade fly up my "WANT" list.

These cropped pants boast both.  They have a slight stretch and side zip that can be paired with a long solid colored top - and voila! modest style!
Swan Pond Sweater

I'll be honest - I'm not much into quirky tops.  You know those tops that claim things like, "Shopping is my Cardio"?  I can't stand those.

But this little beauty evokes a graceful fashion statement, a la Audrey Hepburn.  It's classically funky and will be a staple in your closet.

The ultra-long tunic sweater is great for the modest dressing woman, without feeling like she's constantly wearing a dress.  With a pair of boyfriend jeans, it'll become the go-to outfit for a chic and modest weekend outfit.
Parisia Blouse in Fuschia

Finding a great button down work shirt can be tough.  They're either too tight or too plain.

Enter the Parisia Blouse in Fuschia, which is neither.  A relaxed fit blouse, it has an element of interest with neck-line ruffles cascading across the shoulders and partly down the front.  Perfect to wear under a cardigan without looking like a school marm but still remaining as modest!

Sugar and Spice and Everything Nice

So just now (Tuesday, 9:01 pm eastern time), when I opened up the Nylii home page, I couldn't help but proclaim, OH HELLO.

You guys, Nylii Boutique has some new things.  And so many things I love.  LOVE.

Have you heard of Nylii yet?  Did you hear about it here, when I declared their Mrs. McQueen a great way to replicate Steve McQueen?

Well now you get to hear about it below as I gush about all my favorite things.  Let's start with dresses.

 Mixed media, textures, and prints - my three favorite things in clothing and in this maxi, Victorian chic full skirt, you get them all.

Vintage and Lace Ivory Dress

 The soft, peaches and cream tones swirl and contrast all the way through the dress, flittering in and around the different fabrics.

Check out the draped illusion neckline, which cascades in a plunging neckline - but all with the grace of a modest design.

The narrowed waist and colorblocked sides also slims the figure.  Currently retailing for $125, but priceless in uses!
Pleat Me Pretty by Nylii

 I've had a thing for pleats lately.  Perhaps it's because I wrote them off an unnecessary evil, another something to watch out for when cleaning clothes, but it took one good outfit for me to see they're actually one of the most flattering elements a designer could add to a piece.

Pleats hide flaws, slim and lengthen the figure, and add an easy interest to the outfit.

This floor-length, high-neck dress retails for  only $62 and comes in a verdant green, a color that complements any tone.

Chiffon Lace Skirt

 Another Victorian, Downtown Abbey-like outfit, but with an edge.

This full-length, floor skimming dress has an A-line, flared effect, to create a ladylike figure.

The cinched waist and ever-changing pattern keeps it fresh and interesting!

November 10, 2013

Reader Request: Modest Styling with Curves

Our reader, Noma, sent me an email about dressing modestly as a hijabi with curves.  Her edited email read as follows:
I'm sure I am an apple shape even though I don't really believe in shapes. The problem is when I read these style guides they're all so different. Some say wear empire waist or don't, cinch the waist or not to cinch the waist but majority of them say to wear something to bring attention to the bust. I am a hijabi but even if I wasn't I wouldn't feel comfortable with all that cleavage hanging out.
I realized that bootcut pants were recommended for apple bodies vs skinny jeans even though I have a few skinny jeans because it's an "in style" thing and worked with dresses. One of the main issues I want to resolve is not have my chest the center of attention besides covering with my hijab. 
I can hear the frustration in Noma's email. It's the type of frustration we all feel when shopping for modest clothes, but with an added twist of styling with curves.  Having curves, whether a few or a lot, is not a bad thing. It's just that we've been trained to believe that not being stick thin is somehow a problem (and this is aside from those who have poor diets and don't take care of your body - I see people at my CrossFit gym who are strong and athletic, but still have fuller frames).

As Noma fully understands, the important thing is to dress for your body.  Don't try to make your body fit into a trend that is meant to emphasize boy-type (think no hips and flatter-than-average fronts) frames.  A few women out there are doing this incredibly well - my two favorite being Tanesha from Girl with Curves and Mindy Kaling from The Mindy Project and my personal fave, Kelly Kapoor of The Office.


Both beautiful women rocking some serious fashion with great style (and yes, I realize only one of the outfits could be classified as modest per what Greater Lengths typically aspires) and most importantly, poise.  They know their bodies and own them.

So back to the original reader request - what is out there for modest dressing, hijabi women with curves?

Reader Request: Styling Geo Printed Harem Pants from Forever 21

Our reader Sarah sent in a styling request:
So I was at the mall during lunchtime yesterday and I haphazardly bought a couple of things, haha. I bought a pair of harem pants and I can't figure out what type of shirt to wear with it. I was thinking just a plain t-shirt, but I was wondering if you had any other ideas!

I love the premise of this Reader Request because it's TOTALLY something I would do (if there were ANY places to shop near me.

Harem pants are an ongoing creative challenge for me and in general, the feedback I read is that the challenge is styling them without making them look like fancy jogging pants.

I pulled some inspiration from these ladies below for Sarah's request. With a simple white t shirt and a boyfriend blazer - or any blazer that has a relaxed fit and a slightly longer hemline - harem pants can be dressed up.

Here's a few different black and white blazer and blazer-like jackets to wear with these pants.  However, the beauty of black and white pants is that ANY color will go with them - so if you own a bright coral, citrine, sapphire, etc blazer, then try that out!

A few black and white blazers I found:

November 5, 2013

[Sweet Modesty] Reader Request: Long and Maxi Cardigans

Not too long ago [oh shoot, my email says 8 days ago], I received a request from a reader at Sweet Modesty.

As you may have heard, Sweet Modesty + Greater Lengths have joined forces to provide you an exclusive service for making modest shopping inquiries.  Among our first requests, this reader is, not surprisingly, looking for long cardigans.

Hawa writes:
Hey, I've been looking for long/maxi cardigans, I can't seem to find petite sizes nor a reasonable price. I hope you can help me!
Hawa, of course we can!  Thankfully, the timing is right for us as we're hitting the first batch of seasonal sales at retail stores all over.  These long sweaters, also called boyfriend sweaters, for their long lines and easy fits, pop up but rarely does there seem to be more than one of these types of sweaters in the store.

I've gathered a few of them here - divided between neutrals (tans, black, whites, creams), colored (a rainbow of them!), and finally - dusters.  Dusters are the comfy, more stylish alternative to a great sweatshirt.  They're not as hefty as sweater coats, but usually longer than boyfriend cardigans.

What do you think?  Which one of you is making you reconsider your November clothing budget right now?

Neutral-toned long cardigans and boyfriend sweaters:

Colored long cardigans and boyfriend sweaters:


Farrah's Piperlime Splurges (40% sale + 25%)

Stacks on stacks on stacks.  That's the alternate name for this post, because today folks, I bundled a 40% all sale with a 25% off sitewide deal at Piperlime. I'm proud of myself for a lot of things in life, but this may have just made a top 5 list.

For example, this BB Dakota Rosette coat, retailing at $129?

Mine for $42.50.

Check out what else I bought!

How can you do the same?  Enter "HOL2013" for 25% off and "TODAY" for 40% off sale items.

Use the same HOL2013 coupon code at GAP or Banana Republic for 35% and 40% off, respectively.  I purchased these boyfriend jeans from GAP as well (do you remember my #denimdesires post?).  At least one will likely go back (nothing in excess, I say!) but I'll try to let you know how they are!

What are you buying?