September 20, 2013

Zeena Curdoroy Skirt

I know I've been all skirts and fancy-free lately (there are lots of other daily outfits that can't be skirts, I know) but it's hard at the end of summer not swipe them all for yourself ("Super discounted and versatile?! Don't mind if I do!")

I just want to take a moment to draw your eye to another skirt - on sale! - for $42 from Zeena.  These lightweight curdoroy skirts come in three colors - oatmeal, navy, and steel - and are perfect for autumn strolls on the apple orchard.

Why apple orchards?  Well, because I love them (one of my greatest friends' family owns one here in Virginia) and I can't imagine a more romantic outfit to wear for those fall photos on the apple farm.

Zeena Curdoroy Skirt

Zeena Curdoroy Skirt by farrahkhan83 featuring a brown corduroy skirt

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