October 27, 2013

[Under $50] Sarah Burton Style sans Alexander McQueen Sticker Shock

Sarah Burton, of Kate Middleton wedding dress notoriety, is hard at work on her 2014 styles, but her pre-fall 2013 looks are filtering through the fashion channels.  Her latest looks pull forward elements of British church history, with particular attention to voluminous sleeves.  While some may recall the unforgettable Seinfeld puffy shirt episode, to me, the airy volume adds balance to the straight/skinny leg pants in style.

I don't even want to try to price what these Alexander McQueen pieces will run you - you can imagine there are a ton of commas and zeros for each a swatch of these tops, but Nyala Khan, of online boutique Nylii, has a much more palatable substitute.

For those of you unfamiliar with Nylii, it's a newly launched online boutique, akin to Lulus or Ruche, established specifically to clothe the average American woman who seeks modest style.  Nylii provided Noor Tagouri, our Modest Marvel, with her infamous Cleo Cape that she wore to a speaking engagement at John Jay College in New York.  Proprietor Nyla Khan sources American clothing for the everyday look.

For example, love that Alexander McQueen top?

Nylii's $40 Mrs. McQueen blouse will give you the Sarah Burton style without the Alexander McQueen sticker shock.

Like what you see?  When you make a purchase, mention Greater Lengths to let Nylii know how you found her!

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