October 24, 2013

Tea Time with Naima!

Naima and I are reuniting this weekend (Alhumdullilah, she and I get to reunite every few months, but she's one of those friends that, despite living three to four states apart for almost our entire lives, a few months even feels like too long) and the occasion is pretty monumental: Naima's baby shower!

Safia, Naima's sister-in-law, who has perhaps one of the most artful hands I've ever seen (you should see this woman dress up a dessert!), has themed it as a tea party, partially as a nod to Naima's love for chai and partially as a way to allow us all to dress up :)  We'll be wearing hats and bows and lace and peplums pretty much all those things that let us pretend that we're Kate Middleton for the day.

I'm almost sure what I'll be wearing (an old midi skirt from Anthropologie, a new hat also from Anthropologie, and a silky top in fuschia from ModCloth [similar to these here and here]).  While it's all women, I'll still pair the skirt with tall bools and knee socks for extra leg covering.

Feeling a bit like dressing up in British themes yourself?  Here are a few items I pulled together - heavy on the peplums!

As an added bonus, if you're also looking for modesty pregnancy style, scroll down a bit farther for some style finds

Peplums, with a maxi skirt, topped with a blazer, screams the ultimate "modest tea party" attire.  You can trade out the blazer for a cardigan too!

Each of these dresses can be modest-fied with a cardigan, leggings, or over slim pants.

Flared skirts:

Looking for some pregnancy tea time styles?  Again, Kate Middleton had a polished look (she's got a look for everything...she is a princess).

Belts and waistlines are the keys to a proper tea time pregnancy outfit.  Work these items in with your favorite slacks/cardigans/leggings for that almost-Kate-like look!

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