October 5, 2013

Reader Request: Styling the Anthropologie Minted Terra Skirt

The Anthropologie Minted Terra Skirt saga continues!

I, happily, received a price adjustment from Anthropologie a few weeks ago and continued to champion the beauty and steal of a deal of this skirt.  I even wore it to my friend's surprise gender reveal baby shower (btw, it's a boy!).

Apologies to the lovely ladies
I cropped out!
I think everyone should own this drapey, airy, light-as-a-cloud skirt - which is why when reader Amber emailed me, I jumped to it.

"Hi! I love your blog! I also just [bought] the minted terra maxi skirt from anthro...But I am so lost on how to style it with hijab! Can you do maybe an outfit post? I need help! Lol I told myself if I couldn't figure it out this week I would return it :( xx Amber"


I recommend matching it with a pink, yoke neck or split-neck blouse, slightly tucked in (see right).  The one I'm wearing is from Ann Taylor Outlet, and purchased just a few weeks ago on end of summer clearance (for only $17!).  For how silky soft and light this skirt is, I chose an equally loose fitting top to maintain that romantic, easy look.

Here area  few similarly styled tops I found from around the web.  They're mostly under $50, except for the Ann Taylor silk top, which is a heinous $79. (I wouldn't be surprised if it goes on sale soon enough!)

You can also mix up stripes by pairing it with a striped pink top.

Why pink? It's hard to tell in the skirt, but the piping is salmon rose colored, which can be played up through a soft pink blouse.  Not into pink (I totally get it and was with you for SO many years!), play up the mint green or light chocolate brown.  Even cream, the way that Anthropologie originally styled it, is a great look.  Just remember to stick with the airy quality of the skirt and you can't go wrong!

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