September 7, 2013

Things We've Been Wanting to Share: Asos

Guys, I don't know if it was a user error or if ShopStyle/PopSugar Shopping really was working on their community features, but you've maybe noticed there was a long absence of our posts.  There are reasons all related to technology (and likely user error!) but it doesn't meant I haven't been thinking about you.  I have.  And I've been wanting to share so much!!

So for starters, here are our latest Asos picks!  Everything at Asos is 10% off this weekend with code WOW10.

Soft pleats and peg legs are in these days - almost like a  classy way to wear sweatpants!  Here are our modest in style and modest on price picks!

Looking for a few good tops?  The dresses included can double as tunics, to be worn over or under another layer.

And finally, skirts and dresses!

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