September 21, 2013

The Definitive Modest Maternity Shopping Guide - Tops, Dresses, and Skirts

Even though I'm a shopping blogger, I tend to be careful with my purchases.  Each of my purchases must pass a fairly scrutinious test of "how much do I love this?" in which the items admitted to my closet are, from a scale of 1-10, rank an immediate million.

I also agonize over purchases for a while (did you read my post about this Anthropologie skirt?), so when I pull out the plastic, I plan to keep the item until it's akin to a rag not even Cinderella would touch.  This can make maternity clothing shopping a challenge, as you're 1) only purchasing for a 9 month period and 2) should you keep your maternity wardrobe, there's no guarantee that you'll be pregnant in the same timeframe and 3) buying a whole new wardrobe is pricey (not that I'm pregnant!! There are a ton of other things that need to happen first!).  My blog partner, Naima, is (Make tons and tons of dua for her as she's been having a tough first pregnancy!) and has been holding out on buying new maternity clothes for these reasons.

I hear you, my friends, and want to help - especially if you're a modest dressing pregnant woman.  You still need clothes for every occasion - casual, formal, business, and in between.  Here's a number of tops that'll get you started.

Make sure you check the shopping site for additional discounts - for example, Gap clothes are an extra 25% off on all sale items.  Considering that most of these items are on sale, it means extra savings on more clothes!

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