September 15, 2013

Reader Request: Curse of the Cropped Pants

Our reader, Sameera, emailed with this request:

"I recently bought a pair of cropped silk jacquard pants I fell in love with. They are definitely too short on me, and show too much leg when I sit down.  Standing up, right above my ankle...and about three inches short when sitting.  How can I wear them properly without sacrificing style?"

Sameera's polka dot skimmer pants from J.Crew.  Love the pants, dislike the extra skin!
The curse of the cropped pants!  I know that all too well!  The perfect length when standing, but (unless they're tapered) rise an inch beyond propriety (for a modest dresser).

So how do you avoid this?

Boot them!

It's the perfect time of the year to pull out those talls boots (you might remember them from our 7 Basics in Every Modest Dresser's Closet page) and pull those pants over the boots.  We've seen some various pant-over-boot styles over the last few years.

My other idea - and bear with me because I don't have a good photo.  Cropped pants are meant to show some skin - but doesn't mean they have to without losing the silhouette!

Slip on a pair of navy blue tights or navy blue knee socks (something without texture or bulk) before putting on the pants and pair your favorite booties (in Sameera's case, either a light gray, taupe, or black).

The idea is to maintain the silhouette that cropped pants are meant to give without flashing that extra skin that makes these pants unwearable for modesty.

What do you think?  Leave your comments and thoughts!

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sameera said...

great ! thanks a bundle