September 7, 2013

Modest Swim Tops

As it goes, there are few things more depressing to me than "end of summer" sales.  It means the passing of a season of slow movement, frozen everything, and easy strolls along sun-dappled streets.

But a shopper, it means jackpot on a number of items for preparation of the next summer, including swimwear.

While Islamically-oriented swimwear is now easily attained, I still find it lacking in some basic qualities - namely, cost comes to mind.  In the interim, until production meets the quantities of scale (sorry for the super nerdy econ words - I am also an MBA student, after all!) to reduce price, I find substitutes in the more common rash guards.

We've listed one, the prAna "Felicity" rash top, available at Nordstrom or for only $38.  These tops provide long coverage over swimwear, blend UPF sun-protection, and fall well past the waist to a comfortable level of fun-in-the-sun protection.

Stay tuned as we'll be posting more great swimwear sales!

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