August 31, 2013

Modest Marvel: Noor Zehra (ISNA 2013 Day 2)

When interviewing women for our Modest Marvels, we're usually the ones doing the raving and ranting over them and their outfits - it is their outfit that catches our style and personality that pulls us in!  However, Noor turned the tables on me and instead proceeded to compliment me the entire time we chatted - she and I are definitely new BFFs (oh geez, do people still use that?)  Either way, it made me happy that we're in the same general region (her under grad is my graduate school!) so hopefully there will be more run-ins.

Name: Noor Zehra
Background: While professionally, Noor is a consultant at a big 4 firm ("I'm on the road a lot!"), she's also a loving and completely in-love wife to her husband of two years.  She and her friend Sherene were rounding a bazaar aisle with an easy laugh - a clear indicator of a sweet and fun personality (did you read the part about me wanting to be her BFF??)
What we love about her style:  Her breezy dress and relaxed cardigan made us yearn for some days on the beach.
Favorite pieces:  Noor steers towards anything that's casual and easy, but did that because she's usually cold (I feel ya!), she's almost never without a scarf for an extra layer.
About your style:  Noor described her style simply as "comfortable" - she prefers casual and comfort over rigid structure.
What are you looking to achieve in an outfit?:  Her goal is "blend in" when she can - put together but able to make a style transition from a simple friends gathering to a family outing.
Your no-limit gift card would be to...?: "FOREVER 21!" - Noor's knee-jerk reaction was a firm indicator of her belief in the fast-fashion chain that we also love here at Greater Lengths.  "When I go there, I think, "If this was my closet, I'd be happy.""

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