September 2, 2013

Modest Marvel: Noha Hamid (ISNA 2013 day 3)

While the bazaar had a lot of Modest Marvel hits, from previous years, I recall seeing some gems hanging out on the upstairs level of the convention center, so I took a break - and was instantly rewarded with meeting Noha Hamid.  What I especially loved is that when I asked the initial, "can I take your picture" question (it tends to make a lot of people skeptical, even timid - completely understandable!), she JUMPED at the opportunity - even letting me pose in a few times before moving into the interview phase.

Name: Noha Hamid
Background: This aspiring photographer is a world-traveling adventurer with an eye for fashion - and she's still in college!  Noha was at ISNA, visiting from Atlanta.  Ethnically Egyptian, Noha spends her summer vacations to go abroad as often as she can, capturing the world in rich colors and shades of light (her Facebook page is available here).
What we love about her style:  She likes to keep it interesting, with on-trend printed skinny denim combined with a white tunic blouse and deep navy blazer (two must-have staples!).  Rather than the standard heels, Noha opted for suede saddle shoes in a neutral tone and some sparkly pearls to tie it all together.  What's great is that while this outfit is a definite win, it's one of a kind and Noha's friends know they'll never see it again; rather she'll remix these pieces for a whole new modest style!
Favorite pieces: Printed pants and blazers are Noha's wardrobe must-haves!
Your no-limit gift card would be to...?: ZARA.  "I love their style," she says, "but they give you privilege to make their style your own."

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