September 1, 2013

Modest Marvel: Nada Osman (ISNA 2013 day 3)

One of my favorite things about scouting out Modest Marvels is the discovery of meeting a sweet soul behind the style, which is exactly who Nada Osman is.  While we only chatted for a few minutes, it was evident how sweetly kind soft-spoken she was - always giving her friend, Henane, an opportunity to answer before I requested a response from her.  She wore one of the biggest trends at ISNA 2013 - animal print - and a pairing of warm colors gave her some

Name: Neda Osman
Background: This college sophomore, who also works at her school's MBA office, is working on her accounting degree.
What we love about her style:  While Nada claims she gravitates towards darker, muted colors, this is clearly a woman who knows how to add some sparkle and pizazz to her look.  The long black sleeveless cardi over a draped scarlet top and dark skinny jeans was livened up with a leopard print scarf and gold-toned sandals and jewelry.
Favorite pieces: Nada's closet staples are tunic-length tops, and she's working on bringing more patterns into her wardrobe.
Your no-limit gift card would be to...?: "Macy's," she cites, saying every time she's in the market for new clothes "they always have something!

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