September 1, 2013

Modest Marvel: Huda Saeb (ISNA 2013 Day 2)

We kick off our Modest Marvels for ISNA 2013 with Huda Saeb, a fresh-faced sophomore from Atlanta, whose shimmery secretary's top caught our fancy.

Name: Huda Saeb
Background: Huda, a sophomore from Atlanta, is at ISNA for the first time.  While she claims not to have any hobbies, she is one the founding members of UpLift, a youth organization aimed to bring together masjids in Atlanta with the intention of motivating youth and bringing them together.
What we love about her style: The soft colors caught our eye as Huda browsed through one of the booths.  She had an easy movement through the crowd, which gave way to her calm presence in the hustle and bustle.
Your Favorite pieces: Huda seeks longer tunic-length tops.  As she says, she likes "solid colors" and is firm about the waistline falling below her waist.
About your style:  She says her style borders on "formal" or "dressy", and rarely ever wears t-shirts.  She often shops at Forever 21, Macy's, and Charlotte Russe.
What are you looking to achieve in an outfit?:  (What message do you like to send out with your look(s)?)
What makes an outfit? Huda looks for simple, classic, clean attire - "not over the top"
Your no-limit gift card would be for: [We forgot to ask her this!]

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