September 2, 2013

Modest Marvel: Hira Jamil (ISNA 2013 day 3)

I spotted Hira Jamil's shoes first and knew that the rest of her had to be a "Modest Marvel."  She was walking through the ISNA bazaar with some friends and her sister, spending the weekend celebrating her sister's birthday.  The entire group had big smiles, evident they were enjoying their weekend, and making the most of their time together.

Name: Hira Jamil
Background: This college sophomore, who grew up in Northern Virginia, is currently studying global affairs.  Her eyes are on a career in international relations.
What we love about her style: Even amongst all the well-dressed ladies of the ISNA bazaar (and there were a ton!), Hira's outfit easily caught our eyes.  She clearly knows how to put an outfit together that's both edgy and feminine.  The fashion-forward harem parents ("from Turkey!") paired nicely with a classic loose blouse, in a color scheme every girl could put goether.  Her strappy gold wedges to give her petite frame some extra lift, all tied together with a bit of sparkle around her neck!
Favorite pieces: Hira gravitates towards long, flowy blouses, but especially loves blazers.
What are you looking to achieve in an outfit?:  With a sunny personality, Hira prefers her style reflects her similarly.  She steers away from dark colors, and generally wears things that reflects her mood.
Your no-limit gift card would be to...?: H&M!  "They have different styles for everyone, and a lot of their stuff can be made "halal" easily.  It's all affordable too!"

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