August 30, 2013

Will you be our next #ModestMarvel?

Last year at ISNA, Naima came up with the concept of a "Modest Marvel", or a woman who knows how to put together an outfit to maintain modesty and style both.  These didn't have to be someone in the current vein of fashion (though it didn't hurt!) - these were people whose outfits stood out in a crowd of what could have been a homogenic sea of maxi skirts and tops.

We're bringing our Modest Marvels back with a vengeance.  I say "we," but I'll be missing my partner in crime as she lays on her rumpus.  Okay, in medical terms it's called "bedrest" but we know what it really is - a reason to lay around in sweatpants!

Be on the lookout for us at ISNA, browsing in the bazaar, finding our next Modest Marvels and celebrating your modest style!

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