August 6, 2013

REMIX: Faux Leather, Button Downs, and Skinny Jeans (inspired by Atlantic-Pacific)

Can you tell I'm on an Atlantic-Pacific/Blair Eadie kick?  Or it might be my yearning for New York City and her characteristically New York backdrops that keep me coming back.  Or it could be her style, plain and simple.

I like her blend of hard edge mixed with feminine accents (many of her blog posts contain images of her wearing chain metal, spiky bracelets, and other hardwear with big puffy skirts and tons of bows.)  This outfit isn't quite as dualistic, but it's clear to see her rocker style emerging over the soft feminine touches.

[Credit: Atlantic-Pacific]

The skinny jeans and long white button down tend to be staples in a modest dresser's closet, so we won't bore you with where to find those.  However, that great leather jacket and top?  We've got your back on those.

Faux suede and faux leather jackets

Faux leather tops