August 30, 2013

Modest Marvel: Sara Dahbour (ISNA 2013 day 1)

Though we try to spy an eye for style, definitely one of the number one things that catches our attention is an infection smile.  Sara Dahbour had one that may have been brighter than that of Winnie Detwa's whimsical booth, which is where we found her, supporting her friend's launch at ISNA.

Background: This almost 19 year-old (she's getting close to 20!) is a Palestinian-American woman, who, as she describes it, "absolutely loves to laugh."  She is currently in her third year of studying to be a pediatric nurse at a college in North Carolina.
What we love about her style:  Sara has the relaxed casual look down to an art.  Her look the entire time as ISNA was easy and comfortable, clutch style during the long days of ISNA.  Her style, while casual, did not sacrifice on style, fit, and aesthetic.
Your favorite pieces: Her favorite pieces have to be be anything mint or coral! "I'm obsessed!!" she says (check out her enviable mint pants on the left!).  However, she still enjoys the classic black-and-white color combo.  "What can I say? I'm a simple girl."
About your style: She's a jeans and t-shirt kind of girl, but doesn't mind getting a little gussied up from time-to-time.  Recently, Sara says she's been "stepping up [her] fashion game", which only means she'l be continuing to wow us!
What are you looking to achieve in an outfit?: "What I want people to know about dressing modestly is that no matter how much you're covered up, your clothes don't make up who you are! YOU make up who you are. You own the clothes, don't let the clothes own you!"
What makes an outfit? (Which one item or piece do you think completes an outfit?) honestly, a smile!
Your no-limit gift card would be for...: "Forever 21! Their clothes are so simple, which is what I love! You can always dress up or dress down a simple piece of clothing!"

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